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Design and implementation of photovoltaic plants.

Who we are

Mega Solar Power is a photovoltaic installation company specializing in full design and realization of photovoltaic power plants. We know the entire process of searching for innovative energy solutions for home and business.

We started in the Netherlands, where the search for renewable energy opportunities has become a way of life. There we trained and achieved an impeccable quality of design and execution that took us even further. We have accumulated many years of experience and dozens of implemented projects in several European countries.
In 2022, we entered the Bulgarian market.

What we offer

Our Services

01. Consultation and Research
Our energy consulting services cover the entire administrative and technical life of a PV system - from the solar audit and assessment of its power generation capabilities, to its commissioning. We carefully analyze the solar resource potential of the site, as well as the proximity to the electrical infrastructure. Our goal is that every realized PV system will be highly efficient.
02. Design
We develop individualized and detailed projects, tailored to the specifics of each specific object and its purpose. Our experts draw up technical projects for the PV systems in all the necessary parts, covering construction categories 3, 5 and 6.

We develop projects, both for the households and for our industrial and business clients.
03. Construction and installation
Our technical teams are trained and certified professionals for PV construction. Our colleagues comply with all European standards for quality and security during the construction and installation of the plants. We provide a guarantee for the CIW performed by us and provide guarantees for the PV equipment from the manufacturer.
04. Storage and sale of electricity.
Thanks to the batteries we install, we guarantee that you will never run out of electricity! We provide our customers with options for the integration of battery farms to their PV systems. When the power plants are built for investment purposes, we assist our clients in concluding contracts for the purchase of electricity at preferential and competitive prices.
05. Monitoring and maintenance of PV
We offer regular PV maintenance to ensure that your PV system is operating at optimum efficiency, including - cleaning, inspection and performance optimization. We have customized remote monitoring applications, thanks to which you have real-time information on the status of your PV system.
06. Financing
The PV financing solutions we provide are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a wide range of solar financing options to help make your plant implementation fast, affordable and within your budget. Our solutions are optimized for both households and our business customers!

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Why you should choose us

Conserve the power of solar energy

The sun is our inexhaustible source of power. It gives ecologically clean energy, thanks to which photovoltaic systems have a high degree of technology and a long economic life.

On the territory of Bulgaria, there are wonderful opportunities for "capturing" the sun's rays and producing green energy, which is becoming an increasingly sustainable energy for the future.

Be a part of this really good idea NOW!


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